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Fred Travalena entertains for our Military

Thank you for making the Global Positioning Systems Wing's evening a most memorable event!  The energy continued flowing through your show till the wee hours in the morning.  I am now fascinated by the "Star Spangled Banner" and the new relevance it has for me.  An ABSOLUTE pleasure meeting you and look forward to the future in seeing you again.

JB Boris, Navstar

Fred Travalena makes a TRIUMPHANT RETURN to Las Vegas!
Could another impressionist be bound for Las Vegas, joining a field that includes some very talented entertainers - Danny Gans at the mirage, Rich Little at the Golden Nugget, Gordie Brown at the venetian?

Veteran Vegas performer Fred Travalena made a triumphant return, selling out almost every performance at the Suncoast Showroom and receiving standing ovations from fans.

Travalena, a Vegas fixture '70s through '90s, packs a lot into a 90-minute show, doing impressions of not only all the usual suspects but characters from "Star Wars," a Smurf, Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig, every president since John F. Kennedy and even a presidential adviser - Henry Kissinger.

Travalena wound up the impressions with a rapid-fire list of 15 or 20 celebrities, including Michael Crawford and television characters Archie and Edith Bunker.

Now, if he only had a room large enough to pull all those people.


Impressions comedy music he does it all...

Here is a man who is the most talented impressionist in the country one of the best comedians an the country, but most importantly here is one of the best live entertainers in the market. The results are belly laugh after belly laugh touching on genuine pathos and with a most professional presentation.."


Fred Travalena

If Hollywood decides to immortalize the greatest singers in show business today, they can save their money and hire Fred Travalena.


Master Impressionist Fred Travalena stars in Las Vegas at the Stardust Hotel

Entertainer Fred Travalena's recent engagement in The Wayne Newton Theater at the Stardust Resort and Casino in Las Vegas was a show stopper right up to the end of his 110 minutes. Fred received three standing ovations which were richly deserved.

VEGASTAR:Loretta Kays

Variety Magazine

Fred Travalena has the knack of phrasing and gestural nuances to place the stamp of authority on his carbons...all high comedy with a presentation this is most sanquine.


The Fred Travalena Show, Branson, Mo.

Fred is completely unique in the world of celebrity tributes...he does the characters as a living tribute to those persons...has an amazing ability to imitate their voices mannerisms... He is unqiue in the sense that he not only does the characters so well, he does it as a living tribute to those persons he impersonates and gives it !


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